NextGen „Cultural Weekend – Warsaw”

Published: 01.03.2024

Last Sunday, the three-day „Cultural Weekend – Warsaw” of the NextGen group, which brings together owners of monuments up to 45 years of age from all over Europe, ended. The meeting was hosted by the Domus Polonorum Association. The event was attended by almost 40 participants from various European countries.

The weekend program was as follows:

📍 Friday – visiting the Royal Łazienki, including the Palace on the Isle and the Matteo Preti temporary exhibition, then a walk in the park in the evening. The next point on the program was the performance of „Halka” by Stanisław Moniuszko at the Royal Opera. We ended the evening with a gala dinner together;

📍 Saturday – we visited two manors near Warsaw belonging to members of Domus Polonorum. First, we visited the Manor in Radonia, where we learned not only the history of the house, but also listened to an extremely interesting lecture about the history of manors in Poland throughout history and the agrarian reform of September 1944, which dealt a huge blow to these facilities and their current owners. The next point on the program was a visit to the Radonie park and a delicious lunch. Later we listened to a beautiful Chopin concerto performed by the talented Eryk Ploplis. To the delight of those gathered, an encore was played. After the concert, we went to the manor house in Sokule, where we had the opportunity to visit the historic park and learn about the history of the house. There was a liqueur tasting inside, which the participants really liked. In the evening, there was an elegant dinner in the Old Town of Warsaw;

📍 on Sunday – we visited the Royal Castle and the Tin-roofed Palace. Then we went for lunch together in the Warsaw Old Town, which was the last point of the program. We would like to thank our foreign guests for their numerous arrivals and the great atmosphere during the weekend !

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