About us

Domus Polonorum is an organization whose aim is to take care of the monuments held by private owners, promote the Polish manor (dwór) as a cultural, historical and architectural phenomenon in Poland and abroad, develop activities to preserve national heritage, and cultural identity.

The act establishing the Domus Polonorum Association was signed on September 28, 2003 in Tułowice Manor, near Sochaczew. Then, the Founding Committee was elected. Andrzej Novak-Zemplinski became the Chairman of the Committee and also the first President of the Management Board. The organization was registered in 2005. Domus Polonorum cooperates internationally with the organisation of European Historic Houses, it includes private owners from 24 European countries, link: https://www.europeanhistorichouses.eu.

Members of the Association are divided into ordinary and honorary members.

In recognition of the outstanding contribution to the preservation of monuments and national identity based on the tradition of the Polish manor, Domus Polonorum Association was honored to award honorary membership to the following persons:

  • Adam Karol Czartoryski de Bourbon – founder of the Princes Czartoryski Foundation (2007),
  • Prof. Marek Kwiatkowski – the first director of the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw, an outstanding art historian, who saved from falling into ruin the manors in Sucha and Rudzienko, the creator of the open-air museum of wooden architecture of the Podlasie region (2007),
  • Prof. Krzysztof Penderecki – a distinguished composer and the author of the reconstruction of the manor and park in Lusławice,
  • Dr Maciej Rydel – documentarian of Polish manor houses, author of books and watercolours on court topics (2007),
  • Stanisław Ledóchowski – interior designer and art historian, arranger of many historic interiors (2022).

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