A book by Beata Korzeniowska-Matraszek „The Manor in Radonie. The Story of Janeczka”

Published: 18.05.2023

We warmly recommend a book by Beata Korzeniowska-Matraszek, a member of the Domus Polonorum Association. „The Manor in Radonie. The Story of Janeczka” is a book (currently available only in Polish) that tells the story of one of the manors in the Grodzisk County and two families who were connected by this house. The pre-war owners of the Radonie estate, Maria and Jan Chrzanowski, managed to save all their belongings. Based on their memories, photographs, and documents, the narrative unfolds about life in Radonie from 1932 to 1945. The first part of the book is narrated by their daughter, Janeczka, who was born in the manor. The narration regarding the post-war years is taken over by the current owner of the manor and the author of the book, for reasons that become evident while reading.

The current edition is the second print, improved and enriched with several new illustrations. The first edition sold out completely and received very warm reviews. Here is an excerpt from one of them:

„The story of Janeczka and her family home made a huge impression on me. You write so beautifully that it touches the heart, and one simply feels present there! I have been carrying her in my thoughts for a long time and I have no intention of freeing myself from her. The child you presented in your book has taken over my mind. One would like to get to know her, embrace her in the heart… and walk along her paths. I cannot help but admire how effortlessly and smoothly you managed to transport the reader into the vibrant and hospitable estate. During the reading, everything becomes so palpable – the pegged curtains, the ticking clock, the smell of the kitchen, the sound of the scythe, the rustling of leaves, the mud in the yard… and only this sense of longing, longing, longing…”

The book is richly illustrated with archival photographs taken by Jan Chrzanowski during his ownership of the estate. The photos are carefully selected and complement the text perfectly. The book consists of 100 pages with a hardcover and contains 73 photographs.

The author hopes that the story will leave a lasting memory in the minds of all readers, so that Janeczka from Radonie manor will not be just a name on an old tombstone. We warmly invite you to read it!

You can purchase the book at the following link:

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