A visit to the manor in Turowice with renewable energy in the background

Published: 03.03.2024

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, a sizeable group of our comilitons was received at the hospitable thresholds of the manor house in Turowice. We listened to the history of the house, originally built for the Zieliński family in 1840. Before 1939, it passed from hand to hand, only to fall victim to the so-called land reform in 1945. The mansion was nationalized and used as housing for employees of a production cooperative. About 20 years ago, the devastated house (one of the columns of the portico was found in the park) returned to the heirs, who had to buy the property… from the municipality at a tender. A huge heart and a great deal of work produced the effect we could admire on Saturday.

Today Turowice blends classic beauty with modernity. The house is heated by two heat pumps powered by a photovoltaic system. This has allowed the owners to significantly reduce costs of the heat. The topic was professionally addressed by Adam Kleniewski and Marcin Petrasz of Heliostech Energy and Pawel Chelchowski of PCM Klima, who gave presentations accompanied by a lengthy discussion.

Enriched with wonderful impressions (both from the manor and the park), fed with delicious „pierogi” dumplings and delicious cheesecake, and equipped with a large portion of practical knowledge about renewable energy sources, we bid farewell to Turovice with gratitude. We would like to thank the Dear Host and the Speakers for this rewarding time!

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